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What is HPM?

The Americas Section of HPM spans an area that is immense both in its physical and cultural dimensions. Our members have a correspondingly wide scope of interests, ranging from scholarly pursuit of knowledge to practical classroom issues. We aim to foster communication and cooperation among our members by means of this website and, where possible, through face-to-face meetings at local, regional or international conferences.

The International Study Group on the Relations Between HISTORY AND PEDAGOGY of MATHEMATICS, the parent body of the Americas Section, has its own site, http://www.clab.edc.uoc.gr/hpm. The international Newsletter can be accessed from this site. However, the Americas web site will still provide a link to the Newsletters.

The Contact Page of this website lists the name of the international HPM Chair, the Newsletter editors and global contacts for the organization. The HPM Chair is  Constantinos Tzanakis,  tzanakis@edc.uoc.gr

Please read the latest HPM Newsletter available on this website, as well as, on the HPM sites mentioned above.

For your information, the Philadelphia Area Seminar on the History of Mathematics has a web site:


Please see the web page www.pohlecolloquium.org for the full schedule for the Pohle Colloquim Series, coordinated by Rob Bradley and Pat Allaire. The Department of Mathematics & Computer Science at Adelphi University in Garden City, NY hosts the colloquium. It is named in honor of the late Fred Pohle, a former chairman of the department. Titles and abstracts are available on the web page.

Also, please view the “MEETINGS” page from time to time to view up-coming meetings and events. Upcoming meetings are also noted in each HPM Newsletter. This web site is meant to be a forum for HPM activities all over the world. We would like to include information on any upcoming conferences that will occur in any area or nation.

Bob Stein
President of HPM, Americas Section
New resident of the state of Oregon
Professor Emeritus: California State University San Bernardino
United States of America