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2010 East Coast

The program of delivered talks can be found here.  The minutes of the business meeting are here.

The following speakers have made available versions of their presentations for viewing or downloading. Click on each title:

Bob Stein,  History in a Math Course for Teachers: How and Why

Uffe JankvistDesigning teaching modules on the history and  philosophy of mathematics – a report from an in-progress study in Danish high schools

Andy FissEffects of the Civil War on College-Level Math Education

Jim Tattersall Mathematical Department of the Yates County Chronicle

George Rosenstein, The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus through the eyes of Granville, Smith, and Longley

Ilhan M. IzmirliEgyptian Unit Fractions – An Existence Theorem

Roman Sznajder90th anniversary of emergence of the Polish School of Mathematics; Polish mathematics between the world wars

Jerry Lodder,  Deduction Through the Ages:  Teaching Elementary Logic via Primary Historical Sources. Professor Lodder states that any instructor is welcome to use this material in the classroom.

Dave RobertsWFF ‘N PROOF and the climate for Mathematical Recreations in the 1950s and 60s