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2011 Spring (DC)

The Americas Section of the HPM held its annual east coast meeting at American University in Washington, DC, March 12-13, 2011.

For a complete program, including abstracts, click here.  For the minutes of the business meeting, click here.




The following speakers have provided access to material on their talks for viewing or downloading. Click on each title:

Chris Rorres, Archimedes’ Count of Homer’s Cattle of the Sun

 Nerida Ellerton and Ken Clements, Beyond Witches: Salem (MA), the Cradle of North American Mathematics

Tina Hartley and Fred Rickey, Why do we use “m” for slope?

Calvin Jongsma, Much More than Symbolism: the Early History of Algebra and Its Significance for Introductory Algebra Education

Maryam Vulis, Nikolai Lobachevsky and Russian Mathematics Education in the 19th Century

Ilhan Izmirli, Does the Term Dark Ages Reflect Eurocentricism in Mathematics?

Amy Ackerberg-Hastings, The Evolution of Mathematics Teaching Practices, c. 1770-1970